Clips from selections of professional, educational (and some home) video projects that I and other Farrellmedia contributors worked on going back to the days before VHS and consumer camcorders. [As well as earlier film formats before the advent of video. ] Check out a little technological history. Footage captured over the years from programs produced in 3/4-inch Umatic, VHS, Hi8mm, 1-inch, Beta SP, Digital-S and DV.

Archived footage requires QuickTime™.

The Evolution of Video

 Archived: 1970 (Boston Herald Traveler Managing Editor David Farrell and wife Dorothy, shot on newsreel 16mm film)

 Archived: 1975 (Boston Globe columnist David Farrell, taped live on Channel 5)

 Archived: 1976 (America's oldest home video...?)

 Archived: 1977 (from videotaped performance of B.C. High Drama club)

 Archived: 1978 (footage from the Blizzard of 1978.)

 Archived: 1979 (from "Walden," a satire of Thoreau's classic.)

 Archived: 1980 (from Escape from B.C. High, a film-to-video feature).
                       Also: (a video rehearsal.)

 Archived: 1981 (from Pericles: stage production at Harvard University)

 Archived: 1982 (from Sarah: stage production at Harvard University)

 Archived: 1983 (from Richard II:feature-length production on video)

 Archived: 1984 (John Farrell, from Interview on WSBK-TV)

 Archived: 1985 (from Summer Nights, a video feature shot in Boston)

 Archived: 1986 (from Desperate Lives, mock documentary shot in Boston)

 Archived: 1987 (from video for Service Employees International Union)

 Archived: 1988 (from video travelogue in England)

 Archived: 1989 (Greg Farrell, clip from Evening Magazine)

 Archived: 1990 (from video fundraiser for inner-city education program)

 Archived: 1991 (from a promo for the Boston ABC Affiliate)

 Archived: 1992 (from a pilot program Boston based movie roundtable)

 Archived: 1993 (CD-ROM simulation video for Hearst Studio 5)

 Archived: 1994 (from a Dallas chronicle at Borders Books Store)

 Archived: 1995 (from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston)

 Archived: 1996 (from promo video for Boston rock band, the Bobo Links)

 Archived: 1997 (from educational video for Prentice Hall)

 Archived: 1998 (from set-up for medical education video)

 Archived: 1999 (from Virtual Patient program for BIDMC)

 Archived: 2000 (from Environs Video)

 Archived: 2001 (from Virtual Patient program for BIDMC)

 Archived: 2002 (from Digital Movies With QuickTime Pro)

 Archived: 2003 (from a thirty-second demo spot)

 Archived: 2004 (from a health-care documentary)

 Archived: 2005 (from an interview with David J. Farrell)

 Archived: 2006 (from a video for a publisher's sales conference)

 Archived: 2007 (from a verse video of a Longfellow poem)

 Archived: 2008 (from a verse video of a poem by Emily Dickinson)

 Archived: 2009 (HD video from a trip to Ireland)

 Archived: 2010 (HD video from a seminar at Cambridge University)